Residency CAB foundation period November & December 2022

Each residency is a new encounter and a new environment. From her background as a visual artist and as a scenographer, she sets out to work with the studio/exhibition space that was made available to her in CAB foundation. Meryem Bayram seeks out the performative, spatial relationships – architectural dictates are not objective fixed parameters but invite to dialogue and performative actions.

From the first impressions of the exhibition space Bayram was intrigued by the black plinths, standing out in stark contrast to the grey floor and white walls, demarcating the space in straight lines and demi-circles, seemingly making the walls float. During her residency she accentuated and made the invisible clear. She reproduced the plinths, abstracting the objects from a functional to an autonomous being. Re- arranged in a different sequence and rhythm, the reproduced plinths become a musical score, reminiscent of concrete poetry.

copyright Loïc Deltour & Meryem Bayram




51 lamp black wooden straight plinths

thickness 1 cm

 height 5 cm

2 demi-circles 10 cm diameter

1 arch