FOURFOLD Autonomous Scenography |2016 -ongoing





one piece of paper (un)folds over
fifteen wooden parts along three rotation points seven cardboard characters one light


up (re)arranged
into one word
by two bodies
in conversation
here! now? no! where? nowhere.










Just as in the previous creation – Autonomous Scenography (2014) – “Fourfold” resists to a fixed narrative or a singular conceptual frame. It is instead, first and foremost, a living encounter between Meryem and visual artist Guy Rombouts (1949, Antwerp). In this encounter her proposition of a space was given as a gift to the body of the fellow artist. Guy`s response to it, his “unpacking¨ of Meryem`s spatial gift will generated a core of the “Fourfold” event. Around the edges of it, Meryem continued working, adding and subtracting material and immaterial elements to the unfolding space – objects, vocal interventions, light and sound cues. Those improvised yet clearly defined fragments were introduced into the performance as a generative power through which the initial meeting between Meryem and Guy was continuously renewed.

19 November 2017, premiére Playground Festival, Leuven


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trailer: here