Mockumentary of a Contemporary Saviour – invited by Wim Van de Keybus/ Ultima Vez |2017

In this theatre and dance performance  Wim Vandekeybus, through the medium of seven characters, presents an incisive portrait of a messiah as an imaginary figure. Utopia and dystopia at a single glance. Nothing is what it seems in this futuristic reality

Wim van de Keybus had a crater in mind. Meryem Bayrom transformed this idea into a suggestive pipe.
Outlines involuted the space and make the space flat when it was needed.

She designed a circle, 16 meter wide, that could turn in a spatial element by the manipulation of a motor. Hetintention was to create a holistic experience. The circle was covered by transparant plastic. On the ground sheused  atex which was gradually destroyed by the dancers. The latex also served as demarcation lines for one of the dancers that was blind.

I suggested an atmosphere in which the dansers fell through a tube from one space to the other as if the fell from present to future without sense of being somewhere at sometime.

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