OnderHetVel |2006 – 2018

Bayram was member of the theater collective OnderHetvel. They produced three plays.

1. Plot

Three men, side by side, facing the wall.

How do they get here? What are they hiding from each other * The clock is ticking. Is it too late * Or does fret still have to happen? Those characters. A show. A plot. So many more perceptions. The spectator looks and chooses. Entangles herself. After Kamer en de man and Hebben / zijn a variety of text material is brought together again.

Oscar van den Boogaard, Peter Verhelst and Sanne Vogel each individually indicated the same “plot”. From their texts, those characters are chosen who are translated by as many actors into text, image and movement.

2. Hebben of Zijn

Four actors set to work in two duos with different theater text: Le Square by Margueñte Duras on the one hand, A bed full of sofi uirn by Oscar van den Boogaard on the other. Dialogues that can wreak havoc.

The first text is an asexual conversation between an elderly man and a young woman on a sofa in a public space.

The second text is a tough confrontation between two ex-lovers who only see each other again after the painful breakup. All pin points are immediately addressed, but also the intersecting lack. Theater OnderHetVel brings the four characters together, and uses them as a mirror to investigate how we deal with the material things of ferret life, and what the price is of our dreams. The performance could cause a shock of recognisability. The characters are allegano characters, they follow their destiny with unlikely consequences.

Text: Marguerite Duras Oscar van den Boogaard Directed by: Mesut Arslan With: Yves De Pauw, Lotte Hei tenis, Kim Hermans Movement and Costumes: Eric Raeves Scenography: Meryem Bayram

I wanted to create an other space in the theater space. To be so close to the actor in a space where everyone can see each other. To be in the middle of the ping pong conversation. 

3. Kamer en de Man

Kamer en de Man, a text by Eric De Volder, consists of two monologues, for a man and for a woman. It tells a story about the possibility of a love / meeting, which can lie deeply hidden in the details of everyday life.