In dialogue |2021

An exhibition during summer 2021 in which Frederik Vergaert (Fred & Ferry Gallery) asked visuals artists Marc Nachtzaam and Meryem Bayram to use the gallery space and enter in dialogue with each other. The result is an exhibition showing a combination of previous and new work. Meryem Bayram reflected on the measurements of the gallery space with its classical outlines of a typical Belgian mansion and its interconnected spaces with open views and hidden corners.

Meryem Bayram showed Katla, four objects she developed for the VR project she worked on with Eric Joris / Crew, Straptrack (2019). In Straptrack she performed as an avatar, folding and refolding a human scaled geometrical patern that was transformed into a virtual and oversized object that explored the endless space that defines the virtual.

The objects are geometrical folding pieces, triangles become squares. The objects were architectural elements in the VR performance but are now placed against the wall giving the a new visual character and referring to an unexisting alphabet and an unknown language.

Meryem Bayram developed an installation with three wooden beams , measured to the different dimensions of the space and that are activated by herself at various moments . The beams are pivoted and suddenly gain a three dimensional perspective , echoing the dimensions of the space and the line works in the drawings of Marc Nachtzaam.

technical realisation of the wooden beams Alexander Lowie & Meryem Bayram | Producer platform 0090 | Photo Steven Decroos, Pixelbound