Eponymous Object Sequences |2022

Eponymous Object Sequence Sofia – was developed for The Image Generator /2022 in Sofia Bulgaria. This interdisciplinary happening took place in the basement of Oki Krasno Selo, a social-realistic building for cultural and community purposes. One if the walls was intriguing with undefined holes, the main supporting wall of the sumptuous structure. The floor showed lines, as a historical imprint, indicating that there used to be an archive closet anchored to the wall. The absent volume dictates the measurements of the in situ developed installation. Bayram, inspired and in dialogue with her temporary habitat found and used surrounding material, suggesting an energetic field, as a living container of memory. In line with her ongoing project in which Bayram dissects parts of utilitarian objects that she has found during walks in various cities and landscapes throughout Europe she developed site specific installation. The installation repeats
the rhythm of the stairways and depending on the point of view you can discern different layers of circles, outlining a ground plan. The installation was activated into a sound piece.

Photo by Mihail Novakov




A wall with

22 holes




and rusted iron pipes