Iyi bir gunes – invited by Gülce Uğurlu |2018

Iyi bir gunes (the good son)  is a theatre piece based on a story that was written during a working period with all collaborators. Meryem Bayram was interested in sticks and the potential multiple functions on the stage.

Her aim was to create a wooden platform, attached to a soundsystem and to see how simple objects relate through different cultures. What the different actors created, was there way to deal with the object she designed. Actors where in this piece allowed to be creative and playful with objects. Basic, existing materials were placed in other contexts, rythm, sounds, playfulness. An interesting research into the combining of text, acting and objects.

Content travelled , the notion of live, work, the quest for a better live, who are the ones searching in the same country. What do we take with us when we travel? A Stick as  basic element.