STRAPTRACK – invited by Eric Joris / CREW |2019

Straptrack, an ‘immersant’ strolls through a virtual sculpture (A visitor equipped with video glasses, PC and headphones). Meryem Bayram designs and activates the geometric objects of this sculpture, while Eric Joris intervenes in different combinations with drawings and recordings via so-called Motion Capture.  She designed 4 folding wooden elements, each foldable in 6 pieces, from a triangle to a frame.

Eric Joris used these objects as a platform on which the tracingsystem was based on. A monumental 3D experience was the result with a performative element. Meryem performed as an avatar, activating the objects by folding and positioning herself in the 3-D space.

The ordinary,

daily gesture of folding a costume in a careful and systematic way becomes who folds what folds who?