W hole |2020

For years artists Meryem Bayram and Hans Demeulenaere have been working with the possibilities of space. ‘Who- le’ is their first collaboration. Starting point was their shared fascination for objects and their relation to their environ- ment. During a six-week residency at Frans Masereel Centrum and a two-week residency at Workspacebrussels, the artists collected various objects with holes, ranging from a chair to a piece of jute webbing. With the intention of bringing them together in an artist book, a whole.

Demeulenaere worked with 26 ‘punctured’ objects and their silhouettes. Experiments in the silk screen studio resul- ted in a play between figuration and abstraction common in his work. Demeulenaere likes to question our percepti- on by isolating objects from their context. So does Bayram, albeit in a different way. She researches the performative qualities of objects in motion and their relationship to human beings.

An artist book thus becomes the possible point of departure for a performance, an instrument or script that she or other artists can work with. The outcome of this process is a beautiful artist edition in two parts, in a limited edition of five copies.

Concept Meryem Bayram & Hans Demeulenaere | Photo Steven Decroos, Pixelbound | Produced by Platform 0090 | Coproduced by Tique Art Space, Workspacebrussels, Frans Masereel Centrum | With the Support of the Flemish Government